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WAY Above Parr.

I have worked out with Lisa Parr both in person and over Zoom for a few years.  Each workout is unique, its has a structure and a goal. I love the fact that no two workouts are ever the same. She crafts the workouts and has even adapted them when I have had an injury.  I have done a variety of classes ranging from strength and conditioning to stretching. I workout with a group that is similarly fun and committed to improvement. 
Lisa is enthusiastic and encouraging. Lisa has an ability to make a workout an experience that is both physically challenging and enjoyable; which is not an easy task.  Lisa explains the moves and outlines what the goal of the workout is. For example, one workout will be a mix of cardio and core, she tells us the moves, and the timing of each move. She never lacks in innovation or energy!  She even remembers that my favourite (not) move is the Bear Crawl.  I would encourage everyone to work with Lisa. 

Lesley Norman


I have had the good fortune of working with Lisa for about 5 years. She has kept me motivated on my fitness journey with a wide variety of exercises and monthly challenges. Currently I participate in small groups via zoom twice a week. It is always challenging and fun and thanks in part to her encouragement I am a fit and healthy senior.

Barb B

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