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Reflecting for Self Care

Welcome to my Creation. This is my very first published work and I am super excited to have it completed. It has taken many months and lots of hard work to get here.

Read below to find out my WHY.

You can purchase my journal via the button below.


For many years I myself have used a journal. Mostly I have used a journal for writing about my day, my feelings and special events.

A journal became a very important part of my daily life. I especially found having a journal super important when my husband worked away and we had limited communication options.  A journal allowed me to track the activities and special life events that are kids went through while my husband was away.

I also have also used various fitness journals and planners as well.

The previous beings me to my WHY.

I created a journal for people to be able to track fitness, track nutrition and habits as well as a place to reflect on their day. It is not about body measurements or logging workouts. It is about self care and overall mind & body wellness. It also includes a weekly option for more journal space and self check in. 

This has been fun to create and see it all come together. I hope you enjoy using the journal as much as I did in putting it all together.

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