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I help clients become more mobile, balanced, and stronger with flexibility and strength training.

Personal Training creates more muscle mass and hormone balance for the aging body

Reduce limitations of aging with the motivational support of a person who understands both what it means to age AND the the tools to age with health and wellness.


I help people learn how to plan healthy meals that are also easy to prepare, meet nutritional needs, and work toward your wellness goals.

Learn about hydration, incorporating foods for specific needs, portions, and how nutrition fits in with overall wellness.

Nutrition Coaching supports the implementation of all the planning and education with mindset and motivational support.



For people who don't want to train alone, I work with couples, friends, or other pairs of two who are looking for strengthening, flexibility, and more mobility.

Partner training allows for cost sharing and the moral support of a partner while reaching toward individual goals.

Training session provide modifications to meet the physical needs of the individual.

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